About us

Asselamu Aleikum Wa Rahmetullahi Wa Barakatuhu

MasjidPlus is a website where masjid members can create Mosques, prayer places, events and activities in USA, and share what is going on in their masjids. 

Purpose of MasjidPlus is to:
  1. Make it easy for Muslims to find Masjids and prayer places so we can pray in congregation wherever we are.
  2. Share events so we can spend quality time with each other and bring Muslims together.
  3. Share activities so more of us can join on the good deeds and do a greater good for the world. United we can do so much more!

Posting event or activity on MasjidPlus from your community takes just a minute, and only Allah knows how many good deeds you will get from it.
Don’t just stand still, join in on the good deeds.

MasjidPlus: Come to prayer! Come to success! 

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